GARMIN LILY Review – An Elegant Fitness Smartwatch

GARMIN LILY (latest price) 👉
The new Garmin Lily is an elegant fitness smartwatch for women (or anyone with smaller wrists) who wants great health tracking without compromising style. The uniquely small body and patterned lens makes this watch look great on smaller wrists.

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Heart rate sensor:
(Polar H10 is known to be one of the most accurate in the industry and therefore acts as a great standard to which I compare smartwatch heart rate sensors)

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50M water resistance
Gorilla glass
Aluminum & polymer design
Sport and classic variations – $199 and $249
Not easy to switch bands
Easy to see in any brightness

High HR alerts
Low HR alerts
Real time continuous HR monitoring
Sleep tracking with SpO2
Idle alerts
Scheduled DND mode for sleep
Auto fitness detection – user defined time threshold
Custom stride calibration
About 13 different workouts to track
Quick replies, but only for Android
SOS emergency text automated
Not an AOD and I kind of wish it had analog hands

Widgets (show in interface tour)

No GPS, music storage, Garmin Pay
Connected GPS

Quick, responsive interface
Button to wake is tricky and sometimes misses
Need to flick wrist quickly to wake. Not idea, but you get used to it
Does not pair with other devices – HR straps or external treadmills/etc

Similar device to hybrid watch, but no NFC and no watch hands. Great aesthetic, better interface, and ideal for smaller wrists

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