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Best Headphones 2021 – Top 5 The Best Headphone Picks

Today we’re going to be talking about¬† headphones. Now having a great pair of headphones¬†¬† can absolutely change your entertainment¬† experience.

Whether it’s for gaming or just¬†¬† listening to great music or podcast, a high¬† quality set of headphones can really make you¬†¬† feel like you’re part of the action. Now there are¬† tons of different types of headphones out there.

And they all come with different features and¬† abilities. And today we’re going to be breaking¬†¬† down some of our favorites to see which might¬† be right for you in your particular situation.

Now, as always, I will leave links¬† to each of these products in the¬†¬† description below. So feel free to check¬† them out there if you’re interested. Also,¬†¬† if I happen to find any discounts, deals or coupon¬† codes, I’ll drop those below for you as well.

With that said, First up, we have the best budget¬† noise cancelling headphones and that’s going to be¬†¬† the Sony wh ch 710 n wireless noise cancelling¬† headphones with microphone for phone calls.

The noise cancellation technology in these¬† headphones will automatically detect your¬†¬† surroundings with dual noise sensor technology.¬† This allows you to remove any ambient noise that¬†¬† you’re not looking for when you’re doing things¬† like listening to music or perhaps taking a phone¬†¬† call.

These are also incredibly long lasting  and can last up to 35 hours on a single charge.   Also when they do deplete, they do have fast  charging as well. One other great feature here   is they do have one touch NFC Bluetooth wireless  streaming.

Aside from that these are a very¬†¬† comfortable design and they’re also very sleek¬† looking with comfortable adjustable metal sliders.¬†¬† Now Sony is known for their high quality audio¬† products, and these headphones are no different¬†¬† despite their low price.

So if you are looking¬† for a great budget option, definitely check out¬†¬† the Sony wh ch 710 and wireless noise cancelling¬† headphones. Now Next up, we have the best overall¬†¬† noise cancelling headphones and that’s going¬† to be the Bose noise canceling headphones 700.

These are fantastic and compact noise cancelling  headphones. They have a brilliant and unmatched   adaptive four microphone system that will isolate  your voice from surrounding noise which is great.

This means that you can take a confidential  call or even talk to Alexa in any environment.   You can also personalize your environment  with 11 levels of noise cancellation,   which means that you can let some ambient sound in  if you choose.

These are definitely a great option¬†¬† also because they’re streamlined, lightweight,¬† and also really stylish to boot on a single¬†¬† charge here you can get up to 20 hours of wireless¬† battery life, and it has fantastic intuitive touch¬†¬† controls on the ear cups to keep things simple.

It also comes with a great carrying case that’s¬†¬† 8.5 inches by seven inches by 6.3 centimeters. If¬† you are someone with a busy life, and you’re often¬†¬† surrounded by noise and you want something that¬† will cancel out all of that background noise.

This¬†¬† is definitely a fantastic option from Bose and¬† it won’t break the bank either. So if that sounds¬†¬† like you definitely check out the Bose noise¬† cancelling headphones 700 Next up on our list¬†¬† we have the best earbuds for sports, and that’s¬† going to be the Powerbeats pro wireless earphones.

Now these headphones are totally wireless as you  could tell by the name and they do have up to nine   hours of listening time or more than 24 hours with  a charging case. They are adjustable so you can   custom fit them to your specific ears.

And they’re¬† also incredibly lightweight and feel very stable¬†¬† on your head. They also have a great reinforced¬† design for sweat and water resistance during tough¬†¬† workouts or running. Some other great features¬† here.

They do have volume and track control on¬†¬† each earbud. There’s also microphones with voice¬† capability and autoplay slash pause features.¬†¬† Also, you’ll be happy to note it does feature the¬† apple h1 headphone chip and class one bluetooth¬†¬† for extended range and fewer dropouts.

These are¬† also compatible with both iOS and Android. Now¬†¬† if you’re somebody that’s on the go a lot, these¬† do have fast recharging a five minute charge will¬†¬† actually give you one and a half hours of playback¬† when battery is low, which is a great feature to¬†¬† have.

So if you’re somebody that’s running and¬† sweating a lot and you want something that’s both¬†¬† durable, but also high quality, definitely check¬† out Powerbeats pro wireless earphones. Next up we¬†¬† have the best headphones with voice assistant¬† and that’s going to be the Bose quietcomfort¬†¬† 35 two.

Now if you’re somebody that loves to¬† have access to your smart assistant, these are¬†¬† definitely a fantastic option. Not to mention¬† they also have world class noise cancellation¬†¬† for an overall better listening experience in¬† any environment.

With Alexa enabled for voice,   you can access things like music, information and  more all from your headphones. It also features   a very balanced audio performance at any volume  which was fantastic to see.

And if you’re somebody¬†¬† that uses Bluetooth a lot It does have hassle free¬† Bluetooth pairing personalized settings, access to¬†¬† future updates and more through the Bose Connect¬† app. So again, if you’re looking for a great way¬†¬† to have access to your smart assistant or maybe¬† you just like to use Alexa to keep track of your¬†¬† daily tasks then the Bose quietcomfort 35 two¬† wireless bluetooth headphones are a great option.

Last up we have the best overall headphones and¬† that’s going to be the Sony wh 1,000x M for now¬†¬† these are truly amazing headphones in fact¬† they are known for their industry leading¬†¬† noise cancellation.

Now these headphones have a  really fantastic feature called edge AI which was   co developed with Sony Music Studios Tokyo the  audio quality here is truly next level and you   really have to listen to it to believe it.

Also¬† they do have up to 30 hour battery life and quick¬†¬† charging. With just a 10 minute charge you’ll¬† get five hours of playback. Also they do have¬†¬† fantastic touch controls. So you can do things¬† like pause, play, skip tracks control volume,¬†¬† activate your voice assistant and answer phone¬† calls.

Also, if you are a busy person, you can¬†¬† use speak to chat technology which automatically¬† reduces volume during conference. This is great¬†¬† for all those on the go conversations we’re¬† surrounded by things like traffic and other¬†¬† extraneous noise.

The call quality on these is¬† also superm. So you don’t have to worry about¬†¬† people not being able to hear you over a distorted¬† line. Also another really cool feature to make¬†¬† sure that you don’t miss a second of your favorite¬† songs or podcast.

Anytime you do take off these¬†¬† headphones it will automatically pause whatever¬† you’re listening to for you. These headphones are¬†¬† truly packed with features Not to mention they¬† do sound fantastic.

So if you are looking for   just the overall best headphones, definitely check  out the Sony wh 1,000x M for wireless headphones.   So guys, if you are in the market for a new set of  headphones, hopefully this video was helpful for   you.

If so please feel free to give me a thumbs  up as always appreciate that. And just a reminder,   I will leave links to each of these products in  the description below. So feel free to check them   out there to do a bit of your own research.

Also,¬† if I happen to find any deals, discounts or coupon¬†¬† codes, I’ll drop those below as well. Also,¬† if you haven’t have any questions or comments,¬†¬† please feel free to drop them below.

I do love¬† getting to answer as many of those as possible.¬†¬† Otherwise, thanks so much for watching today.¬† Stay safe out there and I can’t wait to see you¬†¬† in the next video. Transcribed¬†¬† by https://otter.


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