5 Weird Gadgets That Actually Work

5 Weird Gadgets That Actually Work

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Today I’ve got five kind of strange items that I ran across on Amazon. I figured I’d group them all into one video, so let’s take a look in today’s video. Alright here are the contestants, all five of them, in no particular order.

First up is the Plus Staple-Free Stapler. This actually will staple up to ten pieces of paper using no staples, it just… I don’t know how it works but I’m going to find out in a minute but people seem to kind of like this one so I figured this would be worth checking out.

Next up, how about some… well that doesn’t mean anything to you does it? But in this box are six stainless steel drinking straws, that’s right. People are getting rid of straws these days, well these might come in handy.

This is the Red Shield phone stand. This is a phone stand that fits in your wallet. Let’s see if that actually lives up to the claims. This rather unassuming-looking item it a clip that can supposedly work for several purposes but I’m interested in this as grocery bag holders.

Let’s see if they actually work. And finally the one that I’m really interested in. This is a stainless steel bar of soap. 7 bucks, 4.4-star rating, Amazon’s Choice. Supposedly removes odors. Is it even possible? Let’s crack these open and see how they look.

This is the Plus Staple-Free Stapler. I read the instructions. They say that you’re supposed to use it in the corner and they also mention that it’s not going to hold as strong as a regular stapler.

So with that in mind, I’ve got kind of a stack of scrap paper that was headed for the the recycle. These are some footprints from my doormat comparison. So I’m going to do two of these and just see how they look.

There’s also a window in there that allows you to see inside to make sure that you’re actually getting it lined up properly. I’ve not used this yet. And, here we go. Ooh. Oh wow, look at this. It did put a hole in the corner.

It’s actually a pretty big hole, but they are attached. That’s pretty cool I think. I guess I wasn’t expecting a hole that large so you have to be careful about something like that. Let’s do a few more pages.

You can supposedly do up to ten pages so I’m going to test that out. That was two pages. Let’s try five. Oh yeah, that handled that no problem. How well does it hold these pages? Pretty well. I would certainly think for drafts that are going to end up recycled anyway this is a great idea.

Don’t have to worry about staplers when you put it in the shredder. Actually it’s holding really good. I’m a little bit impressed by this. Let me try 10 pages. I’m not going to go at an angle, I’m going to go straight in instead of diagonal.

Mix things up a little bit here. Here we go. It doesn’t want to come out of here. I can see why 10 is the limit, not from puncturing it, but from getting it out. But it did do ten pages. It just didn’t want to come out too well.

That’s pretty cool. Uh oh, a page just fell off. Ah. Right as I was finishing, a page fell off. Let me show you a closeup of what it looks like looking downward as I’m stapling this. Paper goes in there.

And there it goes. Maybe ten pages is pushing the limit a little bit but it’s actually… It’s really a cool idea. Especially, I mean I worked at an office… I worked at a mortgage company once and I had to take staples out all day long on some of those documents.

This would have been a godsend back then. So I think this is actually pretty cool. What do you guys think? The only way to test these straws is in a real world test, so I’m going to go to a couple different places and try six different sized drinks.

So my first stop, I’m going to Starbucks. I’m going to get all four of their sized drinks, and then off to a gas station to get two more. Tall blueberry ice tea with lemonade. A grande espresso frappuccino.

Venti mango dragonfruit, and a trenta black tea sweetened. Thank you. We’ve got all these drinks from Starbucks here. Let me try the first one out here. I’ve got, this is the largest drink at Starbucks.

Will it work? Oh look at this. It works, perfect size. Perfect size. Now does it transfer fluid into my mouth properly? Let’s see. Well, I mean I guess it works. I don’t know what else I’m supposed to say.

It works. Ow. It’s a bit weird. You have to be careful around your teeth. Other than being dangerous if you put it in your mouth too fast, I think it works pretty well. It’s a little bit different though, drinking through a piece of metal.

But I kind of like it. We’ve got two more drinks to get, though, so that’s next. For the ultimate test we’ve got a big American drink, and a gigantic American drink. Let’s see if the steel straws work on those.

Alright here we go. I’ve got all these drinks. I’ve got tall, grande, venti, trenta – which I already started drinking on. From the gas station, I’ve got a large and an extra large. Look at the size of these things.

Let me see how these straws fit in all of them. I’m really curious if it fits in this one. Let me see here. Wow that’s a lot of straw for that little drink. Why do they call the tall… isn’t “tall” kind of a bad name for the Starbucks smallest? I mean isn’t their small… I don’t know.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to ask that question. Here’s the grande. Venti. We’ve got trenta. Now for the two big ones I’m going to use the straight straws. It’s working. And will it fit in here, that’s the big question.

Oh it actually worked. Try each one of them. By the way, my son has a channel and he and I just reviewed the new tea flavors from Starbucks so check that out. I’ll link that below. I mean it’s a straw, that’s all it is.

It’s really kind of weird mixing all these different flavors together. Well if you have a friend who’s kind of environmentally conscious, this might be kind of a cool stocking stuffer at Christmastime or a gift idea.

Really I think that it does work so as they’re phasing out straws these days, this might be an investment. These were only 5 bucks for these six plus the two cleaners, so I think that’s actually a pretty good deal.

Again, I’ll link all of these products in the description below. If you have a Yeti, or an Ozark Trail, or Rocky Mountain Tumbler, they do fit. So I think that the stainless steel straws are pretty cool.

Alright let’s take a look at this phone stand now that I’ve used it for a little bit. In fact it’s in my wallet here. I’ve been sitting on this thing for a couple days now. Let’s see how it’s held up.

Voila. Here it is. It’s not too much worse for wear. Let’s try it on a few different phones here. How about my daughter’s iPhone 6s with a cute little cat case on it. It feels kind of flimsy but it hasn’t fallen apart yet, so we’ll stick with it.

Alright there we go. How’s that look? So far, so good. Let’s keep going. Now this is an iPhone XS. It already has a case on it but I’m going to leave that on and see how it goes. I’m not even sure if that’ll work, will it? This particular case is maybe not going to work so well.

Let me try the other side. I guess I can probably just leave the case like this. It’s holding it up pretty well, so it’s staying. Look at this. iPhone 7 Plus. And, once again, my XS Max. Shouldn’t do that.

I do think that it’s holding up pretty well. You’re supposed to be able to wrap your headphones around these, too. I think you use this notch here. These won’t hold if you wrap it more than once.

I probably wouldn’t use this for that because then you can’t put it in your wallet either. I don’t know about the headphone thing. It sounds like it’s a feature they just kind of threw on there to make it sound like it’s more useful than it is, which they didn’t have to do because the fact that you can get a phone stand in your wallet is enough I think.

I think this is pretty cool. Again this would be another one. This is like Christmas in July or something because this is another one that would be a good stocking stuffer at Christmastime for your tech-savvy friends.

I guarantee you they don’t have a phone stand that fits in their wallet. And it was only 5 bucks. I think it’s pretty cool. Alright let’s do the Rub-A-Way steel bar of soap. I’ve got a few things to try out and see if this actually removes odors.

Now I was reading the comments on Amazon and some people said they were using soap beforehand, some people said they just used cold water, some people said it takes a few seconds, some people said it takes a few minutes.

I’ll find out if it actually removes odors or not. Let’s get started with a nice smelly onion. That’s first. Here we go. Ohh. I can already smell it and I haven’t really done anything with it yet.

Here we go. I’m gonna rub my hands on there. Eww I can’t believe I’m doing this. Oooh. I’ve got one dirty hand and one clean hand so when I’m done I can actually see if there’s a difference.

Here we go. It’s smooth as I would expect. I can’t imagine this working. The instructions just say to rub it like you would with any bar of soap. What was that, about 30 seconds? Now for the big test.

This big sniff test. I don’t really smell it. I don’t really smell the onion. That’s pretty good. Wow. No, no onion smell. That’s pretty impressive. I’m gonna try some more things but the first test was a success.

Rub-A-Way coming through in the clutch against the onions. Well that was surprisingly successful. Let’s try some garlic now. Get it all over here, there you go. I can feel the garlic juice on here. Whoa.

I’m really rubbing this garlic in my right hand a lot. Look at this. Garlic chunks on my hand. Let’s go over to the sink and do it. I smell like garlic bread. Alright well… I have high hopes now that the onion did so well.

There’s no smell at all. These hands smell the same. It really has no smell. I wouldn’t be doing this if I smelled like garlic. I’m impressed. I’ve gotta say it’s surprisingly impressive. Wow.

When my son was a little toddler, he used to walk around carrying a pickle all day long, so I’m going to put a pickle in my hand, get that pickle juice all over there, and see how that does with the steel soap.

Put my fingers in there in the juice. I don’t usually do that. What do you guys think about when someone puts their fingers in the pickle juice? I always had a problem with that. It’s like, “Dude you’ve got your finger juice now in my pickles.

” So let me see, here we go. There we go. Yummy. Oh it’s like soaking wet with pickle juice. Eww. I washed it off with water. Still strong. My person almost gagged when I put pickle all over my hands.

Here we go. Let’s see. You know what? There’s a slight pickle smell. That was about a full minute of scrubbing with that steel bar of soap. Now it’s gone. It’s gone. Wow that actually worked pretty well.

Like I said, the pickles took a little longer than the other two but it still worked. The next two tests are not food related. How about handling some pennies, some money, because money always has that kind of metal smell.

But can metal rub metal smell off? Let’s find out with a jar of coins. Gotta have some pennies. Alright let’s see. Oh. That’s a strong… that’s like you worked at a bank all day long smell on your hands.

That might be the worst smell so far I’ve had, just that metal smell. Nothing at all. There’s no smell whatsoever. Wow. I’ve got one more test. I’m going to see if the steel soap can actually get rid of a steel smell.

My friends at Weld Metals Online gave me this package to try of carbons steel because that’ll leave a steel smell on your hands. I’m gonna handle that for a little bit and see if this steel can overpower this steel.

Little bit of carbon steel for you on this nice day. Ooh. Ahh. Alright. Oh man, that’s not a good smell either. It smells like steel. Oh yeah. Which steel will win this battle? Did you work? We’ll find out.

I think it worked. I don’t smell anything. That’s an impressive showing by the steel Rub-A-Way soap. I think it really handled everything I threw at it, so I’ve got nothing to say except for that it shouldn’t work but it does, and it was only like 7 bucks so it really isn’t that expensive.

I think this one is a surprising hit. I’d probably rather get dental work right now than spend the next hour grocery shopping. I’m not a fan of grocery shopping, but I’ve gotta try these things out and see if they actually work for the grocery bags.

So I’m going in there, I’m gonna load up on groceries, and see how these actually work. Alright here we go and see if these grocery bag clips work. This is for all you guys out there that want to show your manliness and carry in as many grocery bags as possible like me and my brother did.

We’d always try to compete with each other to see who could carry the most, well let’s see what I can carry with these. They have their nice foam handles which is very fancy. And let’s see how it goes.

I’m going to put about five on each one of these. One, two, three. I’m doing five each if I can. Aw rats. There’s one set. Getting good at this here. Going quick. I’m gonna end up carrying all the bags at once.

Here we go. Get a little workout on the way there. Yeah! Something else I also thought about with these that’s kind of nice. Say you’ve got to put your bags down. I’ve got to unlock the door. I don’t have to fish for the bag handles again.

That’s kind of cool huh? Boom. I just carried all the bags in one shot. These are actually pretty cool. And they have the comfortable handles. I’m a fan of the bag clips. I think they were only 7 bucks.

Not too bad really. I’ll get the non-bags out there and then wrap this video up. Alright so let’s do a recap of everything I looked at here. I know it was a lot. We’ll start off with the one that I used the least which was the famous bag clip.

Now I only used it once but it’s one of those things where either it works or it doesn’t and in this case it actually worked. I carried in ten bags of groceries, didn’t break my fingers in half doing it.

I can see someone that lives upstairs or has to walk to the grocery store, this would be a great addition to your arsenal. It’s a pretty cool invention, not very expensive. Worth checking out I think for sure.

Next up is the staple-free stapler, another great idea. I’m surprised this didn’t exist longer. Maybe it has and I just never knew about it. The pros would be that there’s no staples, so there’s no refills either to worry about.

It’s good if you’re going to be shredding documents and also if you have drafts that you’re not too worried about. Great use for those. The cons would be that it only does ten pages at a time and it does put a hole in the paper, and it doesn’t hold it quite as well as a metal staple.

But overall this actually is a pretty cool invention. Next up, it’s the wallet phone holder. It seems a little bit flimsy but it’s held up. I’ve had it in my wallet for a few days now and so far so good.

I’m gonna take this to Hawaii with me and so I’ll have a little bit longer vacation. I’ll have it on the plane. If anything happens, check my social media stories and I’ll have any updates if anything goes wrong there, but so far so good.

It’s only 5 bucks, pretty moderately priced. I think it’s something that a lot of people would find a use for. Next up we have the steel straws. Now this is another thing that either it was going to work or it didn’t, but seemed like it fit in most size cups that I tried.

It takes a little bit of getting used to. Not much. Don’t hit it on your teeth like I did. That’s not pleasant. The only thing I’d worry about is people not cleaning them properly because you can get some kind of gunk inside there.

That would not be good. As they’re phasing out plastics and straws and things, having a few of these on hand might be a pretty good idea. And finally, probably my favorite of all of these, my beloved Rub-A-Way steel soap.

It worked shockingly well. I did onion, pickle, garlic, coins, metal, and there was no smell leftover whatsoever. The comments on Amazon, people say that it works well for underarm odors. I don’t have that problem so I didn’t test it out for that, but if you have that problem, you might want to check it out.

And I see Bailey back there. At 7 bucks, it certainly is something that a lot of people I think would find to be useful. Have you guys tried any of these products? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Please follow my social profiles for progress pictures, videos, and updates as I go. And please subscribe for more product reviews from me, James White, with Freakin’ Reviews. So Billy and Anthony, which one of these products would you guys pick, huh? They’re not saying.

I wonder which one they would pick.

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